Baby Dragon (Desert Dragon)

  • $100.00

Do you secretly crave the adoration of savage nomadic tribesmen as they shout “Kaleesi!...Kaleesi!”
Do you long for the feel of the wind on your face as your monstrous flying steed burns your enemies to ashes with it’s fiery breath?

Then you need to get yourself a dragon!

And what a weird coincidence that I have one for you. Astonishing!

Each dragon is one of kind and handmade. The baby dragons are cast in the finest resin that Westeros has to offer. They are then lovingly painted by an old Italian Renaissance painter (This is not true, I do it, and I’m old but not Italian). Finally each brand new baby dragon is put up on Etsy to be adopted into a good home.

However, be warned, If these little guys grow larger and begin to devour helpless villagers I am both highly amused, and not legally responsible.

Seriously though, this is an eight part model so I can get variation in the pose. I sculpted the original from sculpey, made molds and then cast them in resin. When I cast them I use a technique called rotocasting. This makes the model hollow, which cuts down on weight and materials while leaving all the detail. Don’t worry the resin is pretty durable.... but also don’t bounce this little guy on the concrete either.

Each baby dragon comes with a nest, not necessarily with the one pictured, though.

So please give this little one a good home and help me prove my parents, my in-laws, my ex-wife, and two cops wrong about me. :)

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