Fairy Trophy (The Desert Bugbear Fairy)

  • $40.00

The Desert Bugbear Fairy (Faeus Ursus var. solutudinem) like most fairies lives side by side the human world, unseen and largely unnoticed.  Desert Bugbears live exactly where ya think.... in the desert.

Now I grew up running around the deserts of Utah and I can tell you that the Desert Bugbear are the most insecure, most curious, and least stealthy of all the bugbear breeds.  It's not unusual to walk around Utah's deserts and to hear their squeaky voices exclaiming:

"Oh crap! Did he see us?"
"He saw......Oh sweet zombie Jeebus! I'm too pretty to die!"
"Being pretty has nothing to do with one's ability to die."
"Soooo.... Are you saying I in fact pretty enough to die or that my beauty is irrelevant to the cause of my death?.... Accuracy is important"
"I'm saying let's keep stalking him and see where he goes.  Don't make it weird, Dave"

I can here them continue to follow me until...

"You know, Barry, would it kill ya open up once in a while ?!  I'm just say'n!"

At this point I walk faster to outpace them.

While the Desert Bugbear is less dangerous than the Arctic Bugbear, they do share an unfortunate appetite for people named "Chad"
So Please see our add for an assistant/bait (Must be named Chad)..

Fairy head trophies are easily hung on any wall with a single screw (Included).
Now you can display your trophy proudly.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 7" x 2"

The Desert Bugbear Fairy is hand painted and hand made from durable resin, faux fur, wood, and dare I say it... Love.

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