Fairy Trophy (The Desert Bugbear Fairy)

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"We thought we were alone in the desert until I saw the Desert Bug Bear peering at me from behind a rock.  We would have been fine of course, we had our nets ready... except there were just so many of them."

Is your nerd cave just.... Meh?

Boring shelves, mass produced posters, nothing truly unique that says...you?

Our handmade trophies transform your boring den into the Victorian Steampunk Lodge you so richly deserve.

Collect each LIMITED EDITION fairy trophy, it's the ultimate art to steampunk your home.

Fairy head trophies are easily hung on any wall with a single screw (Included).
Now you can display your trophy proudly.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 7" x 2"

The Desert Bugbear Fairy is hand painted and hand made from durable resin, faux fur, wood, and dare I say it... Love.

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