Fairy Trophy (The Purple Bugbear Fairy)

  • $40.00

The Purple Bugbear Fairy (Faeus Ursus var. solutudinem) like most fairies lives side by side the human world, unseen and largely unnoticed.  

Purple Bugbears live in areas of Colorado and the Pacific Northwest.  They live in a haze.... a Purple Haze.... if you will.  Get it?  Because they like.... (Sigh) Nevermind.

The Purple Bugbear is the most chill of all the Fairy breeds.  They love Doritos, and they love spending hours and hours debating the minutia of every Doctor Who episode.

Purple Bugbears are completely calm in all situations.  With one strange exception.  They are strangely drawn to people who are named.....Chad.  I've seen them sniff a "Chad" for long moments before leaving to go on it's business.  Always looking back....at Chad.

I wonder whatever happened to Chad, I haven't seen him in days.

So Please see our add for an assistant/bait (Must be named Chad)..

Fairy head trophies are easily hung on any wall with a single screw (Included).
Now you can display your trophy proudly.

Dimentions: 8.5" x 7" x 2"

The Purple Bugbear Fairy is hand painted and hand made from durable resin, faux fur, wood, and dare I say it... Love.

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