Baby Beholder (Borderlands Kin)

  • $100.00

Behold! The Baby Beholder! (I know, I feel shame for that pun)

A perfect denizen to guard your dungeon, man cave, woman cave, or simply to have on your bedroom shelf.... watching you.

But fear not! For this diminutive aberration is your friend. Possibly even your familiar if you follow the arcane arts. Which I do.

The Baby Beholder was hand sculpted from strange alchemical substances, molded with the utmost care, and cast in only the finest of resins. Truly it was a process meant to elicit the envy of the Gods.

And envy you they shall!

For now you have the opportunity to own a creature with not one, not two,...... but five glorious eyeballs. That’s at least two eyeballs more than I have...... What a bargain!

Each Baby Beholder is hand painted and comes on a felted and stained wooden base.

Order now and begin your rise to power and become the Dark Lord you were always meant to be.

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