Fairy Trophy (The Arctic Bugbear Fairy)

  • $45.00

The Arctic Bugbear Fairy (Faeus Ursus var. arcticus) like most fairies lives side by side the human world, unseen and largely unnoticed.  Arctic Bugbear live on the mountain tops.  In Utah they are notorious for tripping skiers and causing avalanches.  These fairy creatures consider frozen ski instructors named Chad to be a delicacy.

I went skiing once.  I was headed down the bunny hill desperately trying to make the pizza wedge with my skies when I felt an agonizing pain my right buttcheek. I was shocked to see that one of these little bugbears was chomping on my glorious hind end.

Suddenly I noticed I was surrounded by dozens of these Arctic Bugbears and they were chanting "Chad! Chad!" over and over again and licking their chops.

With effort I pulled the bugbear off my hind end and held it before me.... "My name is not Chad" I told it as it struggled.  The chanting fairies all froze including the ond I was holding.

"Not Chad?" they spoke in unison.  I shook my head.  All was silent......

"Well poop!" Grunted the Bugbears "We were hungry."  He suddenly exploded into snowflakes and blew away in the wind.  A moment later the remaining Bugbears also disappeared in clouds of snowflakes.

These fairy head trophies are hard to come by due to the danger inherent in hunting such dangerous fey creatures.  Please see our add for an assistant/bait (Must be named Chad).. Fairy head trophies are easily hung on any wall with a single screw (Included).

Now you can display your trophy proudly.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 7" x 2"

The Arctic Bugbear Fairy is hand painted and hand made from durable resin, faux fur, wood, and dare I say it... Love.

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