Fairy Trophy (The Northern Farting Fairy)

  • $40.00

The Northern Farting Fairy (Faeus Foetindum) like most fairies lives side by side the human world, unseen and largely unnoticed. Unnoticed that is until their flatulent odors gives them away.

Good natured, The Northern Farting Fairy loves to play jokes on their human neighbors.

"Crop Dusting" is what the little creatures call it. They love to catch humans unawares at grocery stores, in elevators, among friends, and very often they love to hide behind family pets ready to strike.

(Basically you owe your dog an apology. He's innocent)

Their pungeant gas leaves all who smell it sputtering, gasping, and holding their noses at which point the highly amused and very relieved fairies scamper back to their holes giggling hysterically.

Fairies are weird.

These fey creatures are mostly harmless. However, If you should see a Northern Farting Fairy, approach with caution. For the Farting fairy can be both SILENT and DEADLY.

(btw yes, I wrote this whole thing just so I could make that fart joke.. don't judge me)

Thankfully today is your day to get revenge on these gassy little buggers. I have provided several prepared taxidermy trophies of this tiny creature for you to mount on your walls.

Easily hung on any wall with a single screw, you can display your trophy

The Northern Farting Fairy is hand painted and hand made from durable resin, faux fur, wood, and dare I say it... Love.

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