Free Range Humans: A Cookbook for the Apocalypse

  • $15.00

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Help me prove three guidance counselors, an ex-wife, four cops, my parents, two sets of in-laws and Nostradamus all wrong about me!

This is my third book of zombie apocalypse humor.  We've got sharkmen, zombie cleavage, hideously adorable shoggoths.  How can you go wrong?  

111 pages jam packed with demented zombie awesomeness and escalatingly poor decisions.
Zombie Haiku: The poetry of the dead. (Weep at it's sublime beauty)
Semi-Useless zombie facts. (Amaze your friends with knowledge that will never benefit you in life... YET MUST BE KNOWN)
For every book purchased a licensed Witchdoctor will cure someone of dreaded Boanthropy!!!

Every book comes lovingly signed and sketched in by the author who we have it on good authority is a disturbingly handsome man and in no way, shape, or form a felon/cannibal.

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