Reduce, Reuse, Reanimate

  • $15.00

The second book has arrived!  This is the second Graphic Novel in the epic saga of The Zombie Nation comic.  "Reduce Reuse Reanimate" continues the adventures of our zombie protagonists as they fumble through an eternal  zombie apocalypse filled with crazy survivors, tentacled horrors, mad gods, and the endless hunger of the silly dead..... Good Times.... Good Times

126 pages jam packed with demented zombie awesomeness.
Zombie Haiku: The poetry of the dead. (Weep at it's sublime beauty)
Semi-Useless zombie facts. (Amaze your friends with knowledge that will never benefit you in life... YET MUST BE KNOWN)
A glorious sense of well being knowing that you have supported an artist and helped prove several guidance counselors, ex-wives, and local authorities wrong about him. (Thank You)

Every book comes lovingly signed and sketched in by the author who we have it on good authority is a disturbingly handsome man and in no way, shape, or form a felon/cannibal.

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